The IVF was set up in 1988 with the aim of providing national video associations and individual company members with international representation of their Members' interests as companies involved in the exploitation of copyright works on physical carriers and or by other content delivery models such as the dissemination of copyright works on networks, including the Internet. The IVF's primary focus is on European issues relevant to a 9.69 Billion EURO business that provides many jobs in all European countries. Video publishing, whether on digital media or online, remains a key player in the cinematographic and audiovisual economy, ensuring the distribution of multiple and diverse audiovisual works. 

Representation of the Video Industry

The IVF has established itself with expertise and standing vis-à-vis key government officials in various countries, EC Commission officials, members of the European Parliament and representatives of other trade associations. The IVF also co-operates with the European Audiovisual Observatory. In addition to its focus on EU regulatory initiatives and their implementation at national level, the IVF is also active at an international level and participates in all World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) developments. The IVF is a member of the CMBA (Creative Media Business Alliance), CW! (Creativity Works) and of the EIF (European Internet Forum).


The IVF represents video associations and individual company members in 9 European countries and in the United States of America. Click here to see the full list of members.


Since 1995, the IVF has published the annual authoritative work on the European video industry, The European Video Yearbook, which provides comprehensive statistical data and market information.